20181106 - WAY Too Long

20181106 - Up in the am and J not feeling well so he stayed home from school today. I headed out but went to vote on the way to work. Voted and in to work getting some things done. Got some things done + set up a OSU vs _ichigan Squares for G's baseball team (get your squares at Squares.GahannaLions.2025Baseball.com). L took J to the Dr. and they took a bunch of blood, not sure what is up with him... I finished up the day strong and headed out a bit early. Home and picked up a tired, grumpy, sick J and headed to the BMV. Got to the BMV and we got the title for J's car in a flash! I then stood in a line for 45 minutes to get his plates... J feeling worse but we pressed on towards Reynoldsburg through tons of traffic and several phone calls to ebay and the USPS. We made a quick stop at an auction house to pick up some items and then on to the insurance guys to review stuff. We sat down with the insurance guys just as the USPS took me off hold and wanted to talk... so I set J and the guy up on the right path to talk about J car insurance and had him explain it to J and then go over the available discounts. I eventually got off the phone and talked life ins. Tried to figure out why G's was different than D&J's, they had no clue even though they are the ones that sold it to me 12 years ago... Then we looked at my ins... this all took WAY longer than we planned and J was miserable. We finished up and headed home, J fell asleep in the car. Home and L cooked some bfast for J&I. J&G on the Xboxs for a bit, L helped me ship stuff and I got everything reposted. Not up too late tonight, exhausted.