20181213 - Hands Up

20181213 - Up in the am and J moving very slow. Dropped J off at school and headed in to a quiet office this morning. Got a lot of things done today that weren't really the direction I need to be going, but still going... Headed home and got ebay things shipped as G yelled at the Xbox from the basement. Got everything shipped and ran to pick up J, get gas and deliver the packages. Home and we had dinner, D is working for a couple of hours at D-Bats, J helped me install a new modem for the house. On the phone with the cable co trying to get things working and headed to G's game, it was not pleasant with the cable co. they got my order wrong... Finally got things straightened out with the cable co, J's internet working again and scored G's game in a slippery LOUD gym. G's team got pretty much crushed and it was a very physical game and G got pretty beat up... After the game we headed home, chatted with D and headed to bed.