20181201 - G on the Court

20181201 - Up in the am and J helped me ship stuff in ebay. We got it all packed up and J drove to deliver them to the Post Office and then headed across town to Reynoldsburg to pick up some auction items. We headed back across town the back-way to hit Meijer so J could do some Christmas shopping. Home and got L&G's for his basketball game, J stayed home. G did good at his game and they boys won. The only excitement was someone barfed on the court...  no one admitted to it... Swung through KFC on the way home. Home and we ate, L did some laundry J&G played on the Xbox and I got some things done in the office until time to watch the OSU vs Northwestern Big 10 Championship game. D texted, he heard a hissing noise and found a piece of metal in his tire on his way into Buffalo Wings. Didn't get it fixed right away... had to put on his spare... It was a great game, except for the 3rd quarter, but not sure it is enough to get the Buckeyes into the playoffs.