20181204 - Volunteering and Hockey

20181204 - Up in the am and dropped G off at school for his Bible study and then J on the way in to work. Got in to work and getting things done so I can get out of here half a day. Tried to get as much done as possible before heading to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank to volunteer the rest of the day. It was a bit chaotic at first but then we started getting a lot of things done. At one point I was putting food in peoples carts and gave out lots of extras. Had a good time doing it and the time went fast. Headed home through Grove City traffic, which is still horrible... Got home and L cooked us all dinner.

We ate and then L&G headed to his hitting practice and I had J drive me down Hamilton to Broad to High St. downtown and up to Nationwide Area where we took in an exciting Blue Jackets game. They lst but it was still cool to go! J drove me home the same way we went in and is getting more comfortable behind the wheel. Home, exhausted, to bed