20181225 - Merry Christmas

20181225 - Up early, but not too early this year. Boys passed out gifts and we all opened our gifts. Very nice, peaceful and enjoyable morning, the boys are getting too big, but still little on days like today. It took about 2 hours to open things and everyone was content and happy with their gifts, then we got ready for the day, Garage heaters on, food cooking, everyone cleaned up.

Gma&paW showed up and we got their things brought in, Cole's showed up shortly after. We had a wonderful meal in the garage on one huge table and all ate too much. There was a short break while some things got cleaned up and then we headed to the basement to open some more gifts. Things slowed down a bit as people put some of there gifts together, built gingerbread houses and hung out. We played some cards and folks left as the afternoon went on. Down to the 5 of us at home and we just relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the evening and watched 'Alpha' before bed. I was up until 4am head racing with ideas of the system I am going to build.