20181226 + Face Stuck

20181226 + Up late in the am and headed in to work. Reviewed my overnight ideas with Lonie, got caught up on email and routine daily activities, had a couple meetings and dove into programming. The boys (Kevin & Derek) ran to KFC and bought all the chicken they had to feed the office today, YUM! I got a lot done and had a call with the dev team for a bit of help, still not right though... Worked on it until head hurt and headed home. I shipped ebay stuff, L&G dropped it off at the post office for me on the way to pick up G's buddy Eddie to spend the night. J relinquished his Xbox to the little boys for the night and LDJ&I watched 'Await Further Instructions', not a good movie, just ehh. After the movie I beat J at a Rubik's game a couple times and headed to bed in good time.