20181212 + Bang My Head

20181212 + Up in the am, dropped J off on the way to work. In to the office for a busy morning. Took a break and headed downtown to get Scout things. Talked to a couple folks from the last job on the drive to and from the Scout Store. Back to the desk and good discussions on process mapping. Finished out the day and headed home. L had a nice dinner for us, D got up at 11:30 and didn't find a job today... J had track until late, ran another 5 miles in this cold today... G had a Dr. visit for a follow up shot. After dinner Bill & Tom stopped by and we got a bunch of admin stuff done for the baseball team and caught up a bit. When they left D&I headed to the post office and gym, apparently D did not close original gym membership correctly and his account has been sent out for collections and it will cost $107 to clear his account so he can go to the gym by himself... memberships are only $10/mo... (bang my head)... We worked out for a bit and then headed home. Little boys already in bed and I followed suit.