20181220 - Self Portrait

20181220 - Up in the middle of the night to make sure D got up and to work by 6am... Tried to go back to sleep... Up and got myself to work, no J today he has finals later and will be walking to school. In to the office and getting organized and moving forward. Had some good strategy session today and the direction is clear. Now the hard part, doing it... Home and shipped some ebay stuff, we all had dinner and then relaxed until time to go out. J drove G&I to the post office and then he dropped G off at basketball practice. J&I went the long way to get to Target where he got his Christmas shopping done. Home, J stayed and I ran to get G from practice. It was already 9pm and G has school tomorrow so we decided to not do his Christmas shopping tonight, but do it Saturday. Home and shut things down and to bed in good time.