20170801 - No Kong, Shop, Park, Stomp

20170801 - Up in the am and all on the subway to seach for King Kong. We took the elevator WAY UP to the top of the Empire State Building and the view was amazing! L was a bit weak in the knees especially when we put our phones out through the cage to take great pictures, and she wouldn't get close to the edge. We enjoyed the sights for a bit and then headed down to stroll up 5th Avenue and check out the stores.

We stopped at the 3 level Adidas store where J was in heaven and got a cool hat. The NBA store had some supper cool memorabilia. The 3rd floor of the Microsoft store gave J a chance to strap on a VR headset and blow some stuff up and D got to do a 3 screen driving game on a supercomputer, G was too young :-( A bit further uptown on 5th and we strolled into the Trump tower that had a 5 story Nike store in it.  The boys loved that and we spent a ton of time in there. We tried to get some Trump ice cream but there was only 1 super slow dude working there so we bailed and found a street vendor for a cool treat. We came to Tiffany's and went in to the amazing diamond sparkling show room to look around. We saw the 128 carat Tiffany Diamond and I looked for something less expensive to get for L and a dainty little silver and diamond bracelet. We got a hold of a salesperson and the $2000 bracelet got to stay in its nice case. No little blue box for L :-( however JG&I did get to use the drinking fountain that had a person stationed there to operate it for you. There were 2 other floors to Tiffany's but we weren't invited to visit those. On to the Apple store, which was huge, but not much neater than the one at Easton.

We crossed the street into Central Park for some hiking, climbing and sight seeing. We saw many of the movie sights and cool things, along with some performers by the pond. 

We caught the train and headed back downtown to the Broadway district where we got some pizza in a corner cafe before heading to Stomp. The sow was really loud but the boys really enjoyed the show. Another day done in the big city and we headed below to catch our ride back to NJ for the night. G got his special reserved seat :-)