20170803 - UPGRADE!

20170803 - Up in the am and we jumped on the bus to get downtown. We started walking and D realized he lost his wallet so e ran back to the bus that hadn't left yet and found his wallet, lucky boy... we walked to the location of the boston Tea Party and saw the replica ship. We then headed downtown to walk on the freedom trail.

I spent a bunch of time on the phone trying to get baseball tickets for tonight's game, however we have been issued tickets for the 8/14 game. One slight problem, we won't be in Boston then... So I followed the fam as they headed down the freedom trail on the phone selling the tickets for the 8/14. I got those listed on StubHub and then headed a couple of blocks the opposite direction of the freedom trail to get hop on hop off bus tickets. I met up with D who waited back for me and we hiked halfway across Boston to meet up with LJ&G we found in a cemetery listening to stories of Paul Revere, John Hancock and my favorite Samuel Adams.

G was busy correcting the tour guide as we made our way to the Boston Commons and our tour concluded. We walked around the park and ended up a having a meal around the square that we topped off with fried Oreos. We jumped on the bus and headed to Paul Revere's house and the Old North Church. After that we met up with my buddy Paul and we walked to the USS Constitution and some ice cream.

Feeling guilty about being in Boston and not getting D&G to a Red Sox game, so I snagged some tickets at 5:30 for the 7:10 game :-o My buddy Paul put us on the right train and DG&I headed to the Green Monster while he took L&J to the finish line of the Boston Marathon and to the top of the Prudential building where they had a great view of the city and he taught J how to eat oysters. Paul also took L&J to the bar in the Green Monster to see the field and then got them on a bus back to the hotel. DG&I made it to the game as it started and we had pretty good seats. We had hot dogs and a couple of drinks and were enjoying the crowd, it was electric!

Then something amazing happened. A guy walked up to D&G and asked them if they were together; they looked at me like 'should we answer this guy?'. I leaned over and said 'yes'. He said 'so all 3 of you are together?' 'Yes' again, he said 'come with me'. I rushed the boys out of there seats and we followed the man down the steps and he pointed and said 'go wait for me down there'. Well 'down there' was the baseball field. I mean THE BASEBALL FIELD. The man caught up with us and took up to some seats right up against the wall behind 1st base. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! The most AMAZING seats I have ever seen!

We sat ringside for the remainder of the through 'Sweet Caroline' and 'Take me out the Ballgame'. What are the odds of everything falling into place for this to happen? Needless to say D&G were in heaven and got some of the dirt from the field after the Red Sox victory over the White Sox.  We headed to the bus stop, waited forever, but got on a bus and headed back to the hotel. We met up with L&J and everyone told of their awesome experiences of the night. What a great day!