20170826 - Dylan turns 18!

20170826 - Up in the am and L had already dropped J off at school to goto his CC meet and L&G went to D's baseball game. I headed to J's CC meet and got there right before his race. There were 6 schools there and tons of runners. J had an awesome run and got 5th out of 6 schools with his best time of 12:10. We hung out there a bit before heading to D's game. We got there just in time to see D turn a great play at home. D's team won by one and at the final huddle they sang Happy Birthday to Dylan and then hunted him down to give him some birthday spankings.

After the game J&I ran to the store so J could get some gifts.  Then home, J did some wrapping and I headed back to G's game to meet L.  G's team was getting killed, they are pretty awful.  After the game LG&I headed to the West side so G could play his next 2 games: G did great and even pitched a bit, they won both games.  After the games we headed to Buffalo Wings for D's bday dinner.  DJ & DGF7 were there and had tables for us.  Gma&paW arrived, followed shortly by Gma&paB and the Coles.  It was a nice meal and we all headed home afterwards so D could open his gifts and have some of the frozen Oreo cake L made for him. He opened all of his gifts and was very surprised to see the plane tickets and awesome seats we had gotten him for an upcoming Colorado Rockies game in Colorado :-o After D's bday party we all loaded up in the car and headed to the McClain's to watch the Mayweather vs McGregor boxing match. What a busy fun day!