20170814 - Rushing

20170814 - Up in the am and in to work.  L out early to help set up a teacher appreciation thing.  Had a stressful call on the way in this morning.  D did some babysitting this morning, cleaning at the restaurant and mowed a yard in the afternoon before his game in the evening.  J had CC and had another really good run time today.  G went to his school today and saw his room and met his teacher for next year.  Home and rested a bit before JG&I headed to the ballfield to see D's game.  We stopped at Scouts and dropped off the awards from summer camp and got to D's game as they were walking off the field.  D's team lost, but they had fun.  Home and D got cleaned up and we headed to the movies.  I had sent out an invite to a bunch of dads in the area to bring their kids to see 'Dunkirk' before heading back to school.  There were 7 others there for the movie and it was a really good movie.  After the movie we hung out and talked with some of the others that went to see the movie with us.  Home and all boys to bed.