20170819 - Family and Friends

20170819 - Up in the am and we all jumped in the car and headed up to the Farm. We got there and met the family at the Farmhouse and then headed over to the Chestnut Grove Church where many generations of our family are buried for a memorial service for Martha. Roger gave us a history lesson of everyone buried there and our connection to them. There was a nice service, with nice things said by some of of the family, very sad. We all then headed back tot he Farm to have a nice lunch. Everyone chatted and caught up for a bit and then headed out. After everyone was gone GmaW, DJG&I went and got a couple of plants to plant across the road from the Farmhouse. We got them planted and then LDJ&I headed home, G is spending the night.

We stopped at the store on the way home so J could get a present for his buddy and then we dropped him off at the bday party. D headed to DGF7's and L&I headed to the Jamborleapley, a party a guy I use to work with has every year. Kevin had put in a big pond and told me all about it, it was amazing. We had some food, hung out and chatted and relaxed a bit. Home and had some issues getting the big TV working, but eventually watched the movie 'Life'. To bed, but up VERY LATE arranging things for D's bday.