200170820 + 18 Seconds of Chaos

200170820 + L picked up J from his bday party early and then took D&J to church.  I was dead asleep.  When they got home D&J put up the new tent we got to make sure all of the parts were there.  The thing is huge and it was only $30 :-)  In the office trying to get organized and keep ahead of things.  D headed to DGF7s, J went scootering with some friends, L headed in to her classroom.  At 4 I headed to Olentangy to meet Gma&paW and get G for his 1st baseball practice with another Fall team he is going to play with.  He was the smallest guy there but did great.  I got through a ton of paperwork while he was practicing.  After practice we headed to the movie store and then sat in the Panda Express drive through forever to get dinner.  Home and tried to watch a movie, but it wasn't very good so we gave up and got everyone to bed.