20170816 - Two to Go

20170816 - Up in the am, L&G already up as G was up at 4AM with a nightmare and they slept the rest of the night on the couch. Took pics of G&J by the mailbox. First day of 8th and 5th grades! Headed in to work and yelled at G at the corner while he was doing his safety patrol duties :-) In to work for another day long meeting. D watched the McClain kids this morning before they headed to Florida for vacation. Took a break at lunch to make some calls. Finished off the day. Headed to pick up an auction win and then on to D's game. D had a great game and his buddy Drew joined the team so all the boys are having a blast. G's team lost big, but G said he had a good game. Home and J was hanging out, he didn't feel well. We had some dinner and the little boys told of their first day back at school, all good. All boys to bed and I was up late naming photos.