20170824 - Garage Springs

20170824 - Up in the am and headed in to work. I got to yell at embarrass J this morning as he was reclining in the neighbor girl's driveway waiting for his bus :-) In to work and getting ready for meeting after meeting day. Got a bunch done today, had a last minute call come in that kept me until 5:45 that put L in a bind: she was running J and his CC friends around and was planning to go to D's baseball game, but had to head home as I found a guy that could come this evening to fix the garage door. I got home as quickly as I could. L headed to D's baseball game, J and his buddy Conor, G&I had some pizza and then G&I watched the guy fix the garage door. I lent a hand when I could and Jim from next door came over to borrow some tools for the car repairs he was doing. L&D got home, D's team won and he had some big hits tonight. The garage door is fixed, garage put back together and L pulled her car in, good to go. JG&I headed to get some ice cream and beer and we all hung out a bit until time for bed. Up late catching up on past blog entries.