20170812 - Broken Again

20170812 - L&J up early to a CC meet.  J&I out looking for phones for him, his is acting up and the screen is coming off.  We stopped at D's game for a bit.  D was having  great game and J found some friends to play with.  We headed out before the game was over to go see G's 1st game with his team. It was a LONG game, G did some pitching and got a couple of hits.  After the game D&I ran and got groceries and came back tot he house.  The McClain's and Tom and Landon came over for a cookout. We had some great food, the kids made their own pizzas and we cooked them on the grill.  We sat and chatted for hours.  The McClains bought a house while they were here :-o Everyone headed home, we got everything cleaned up and off to bed.