20170828 - G Ground out

20170828 - Up in the am and feeling like I have been drug behind an old truck down a dirt road.  I guess that is the price you pay for so much fun the previous day.  In to work and getting ready for the week.  Seemed hard to get things done today, definitely a Monday. Finished up the day and headed to an auction house to pick up a coupe of things before heading home. I spent the entire way home chasing issues that were still smoldering. Made a quick stop at Dave's warehouse to pick up some items and then home and checked in with J and headed back to G's game. It was miserable.  D picked J up and they headed to Scouts. I left as soon as the run rule was announced. Home and L&G soon after and G was pretty upset. Hung out at hoe a bit then got Doc and headed to Bible Bangers with Doc. Home and helped D with some ebay stuff.  up late lining things up and getting them done.