20170731 - Statue and Grand Arenas

20170731 - Up in the am and we jumped a train to Liberty National park where we had quite a hike to get to the ferry. We noticed at Liberty park a black line running through the park, same same kind of black line we saw at the PA 911 memorial, and this one pointed across the Hudson river towards where the Twin Towers use to stand, it was another flight path... From the ferry we had a great view of the city as we approached Ellis Island.

We didn't get off and continued on to Liberty Island where we walked around the awesome statue. What a sight it must have been coming into the country as an immigrant. We had a nice lunch on the patio and then headed back to the ferry to go to Battery park From there we walked to Wall St and on to the Grand Central Station. We toured the beautiful station for a bit before jumping on the train to the Bronx. Our destination fr the evening, Yankee Stadium.

Once inside the door the boys got their a special treat, their picture taken with the World Series trophy. We stopped at the fan appreciation booth and got certificates for our first game in the stadium, we got Aaron Judge's too.  Up to our seats in the front row of club level for a spectacular view of the grand arena. What a place! DG&I walked around the entire place searching for the perfect hat. We found one and headed back to our seats to finish the game. The Yankees won!

Back on the subway, through WTC Station, pretty much empty at this hour, and to our hotel.  We saw some great things today!