20170829 - 2 Double Day for D

20170829 - Up in the am and in to work through heavy traffic this morning.  Pretty busy day with calls all the way home.  L&G went to J's CC meet where J ran another amazing time of 12:20 :-o I headed to Ds baseball game. DGF7 and a friend of hers came to watch too. L dropped off G at the ball park and J at home and headed to J's 8th grade open house.  D had a great game with 2 awesome doubles that turned the tide towards the win with about 5 RBIs and his runs across home for a 17 to 9 victory. After the game G&I picked up some grub at DQ and headed home.  J was out riding his scooter someplace and came home to get his ice cream.  L home shortly after for her coney and D came in. We got a minute to talk to D about his first day of work at Panera delivering food.  He said it was ok. Boys to bed and I stayed up a bit getting things lined up.