20170815 + Day Long Meeting

20170815 + Up in the am and in to work to get the drinks in the meeting room before the all day meeting.  D watched the McClain kids today.  J had a timed run for CC today and had his best time ever.  We had some planning issues with D and his college planning meeting for this evening, but got that planned.  Sat in the conference room all day and took notes during the meeting.  After the meeting I headed home and GpaW was there and G headed out to a Clippers game with Tom and Landon.  We had some dinner and GmaW and Aunt Nancy showed up from their trip to Minnesota to see Aunt Jane and family. We had a nice chat and then everyone took off.  D scanned in his Eagle project paperwork and then LD&I headed to the college planning meeting, there is sooo much to do...  Home and settled in for the night. G home, he had a great time and is very excited for tomorrow.