20170802 - Dancing Milk & Rained Out

20170802 - Up in the am and we loaded the car and headed North up across the George Washington Bridge and into Connecticut. We made a stop at the World's Largest Dairy, Stew Leonard's in Norwalk CT, where saw the animatronic displays all over the store. All this food made us feel starving so we headed out so G could see the Goats before we found a local diner to get a huge meal. We were the youngest patrons by about 3 decades, but it was good! 

Back on the road and into Massachusetts, L mostly missed the sign, and we drove for what felt like days before arriving at a military museum that was closed... On to the hotel where we got checked in and then across the road to catch a bus to go Fenway for an Indians @ Red Sox game. The stadium was awesome and we got to our seat, that were luckily under cover as it was raining, and then had a nice Fenway dinner of dogs and soda. DG&I headed out looking for very specific hats and found the across the road in the team store. We got back to our seats just in tie for them to cancel the game :-( So a little wet we headed out to the bus stop, not raining now, to catch our ride back to the hotel. We made it back in one piece and settled in for the night, a bit disappointed our evening entertainment was cancelled.