20170823 - D's an EAGLE!!!!

20170823 - Up in the am and in to work.  Pretty Loooong day.  Headed to pick up an auction win after work and then home.  LJ&G were at J's CC meet and he ran another 13.40.  They got home and L headed to the high school for an open house and J&G headed to Subway to get themselves some dinner.  D&I headed to the church for his Eagle Board of Review.  They took D in at 6:55...  I hung out in the lobby and did some email.  Chris stopped by to talk about lawyer stuff and Penn stopped to chat too.  Then I got the call from D at 7:13 that he was done???  I rushed in to see what the outcome was as these BORs usually take 2-3 hours and he was done in 1 hour and 15 minutes...  D had a big grin on his face and I asked him if he made it and he said 'Yup I'm an Eagle!'  I gave him a great big hug, SO PROUD!  We chatted with Rob a bit about the BOR and how he got out so fast, got their pic and then headed to Wendy's to pick up some dinner and the gas station to buy a Powerball ticket.  Home and took a deep breath.