20170821 - Dylan's LAST Scout Meeting

20170821 - Up in the am and everyone off to school.  I worked from home this morning so I could pick a colleague up at the airport and transport her to work.  Got to work, had lunch, got rolling, L texted me the garage door is not working... Finished up the day and headed home to a busy night: L went to J's CC meet, J had a less than 14 min 2 mile run, I met D at G's baseball game, G's team lost, but he did great.  I left G's game early and headed to a meeting with the varsity baseball coach to get next year lined up and that meeting rolled into the Athletic boosters meeting.  After that I ran home to pick up J and head to Scouts for Dylan's last Boy Scout meeting EVER (as a youth).  Robby, the Scoutmaster, gave a great speech on Dylan's behalf.  Home and got Doc and headed to bible Bangers for a bit.  Home and sent a couple emails for work and the boosters.