20170825 + Fruit and Nut Mixer

20170825 + Up in the am and in to work. Had a crazy busy fast day topped off with an emergency right at the end in true Friday fashion. L&G were in Westerville for baseball practice D filled out his paperwork at Panera so he can start work there soon and headed to DGF7s. J was home waiting for me. I got home and we headed to Moe's for dinner. It was a good meal and the boy eats like a horse. We headed to Kroger to get food for me to take to work. I then got a newfangled hair cut and we headed home where J mixed the dried fruit and nuts for me to take to work. L&G home and ate and we headed down to watch John Wick 2. D & DGF7 came over to watch the movie and played with their phones the whole time. I returned the movies and came home and crashed.