20180112 + Up and in to work for a busy day. Got what I needed to done, saw Sherry off, finished up some odds and ends and headed home before the weather got bad.
Gma&paW arrived, we all got changed and headed to Soaghetti Warehouse for a really nice meal. I took some pics and sent them to our friends in Holland that are there with us a year or so ago. D broke a leg off a chair.headed to Phantom of the Opera. It was a good show I had troible hearinging the words. Everyone loved it and G was memzmorozed by it. 
It had snowed the entire time we were in the play and the roads, even 670, were aweful. Took a long time to get home. We had to force GpaW to stay, way too risky to try to get to the Farm in this weather. 
We stayed up and watch an old Robinson Curso on AMC befor eheading to bed late.


20180113 - Gma&paW gone by time I got up. 
Spent a ton of time in office today getting things done and sorted for D to list or donate. 
Got cleaned up and LG&I headed to Moros’ for dinner and some fun. Home late


20180114 - Up late got some things shipped and sorted
Worked on app for work
Went to G’s basketball game, they won
Home had dinner
D and dfg7 here with fish
Watched a couple movies with J&G
Up til 4 working on work app


20180115 - Up slow in the am and in through bad roads to get to work. Got caught up on emails and synced up with the teams on an app I worked on over the weekend and got it set live. Went around and gathered requirements for another app I am working on and then packed up to head home through some crappy weather.

20180111 - Foody Friends

20180111 - Up in the am and in to work. It was another busy day of getting things done and chasing down actions. Justin and Sherry forced me off the PC and to the Waffle House for a good steak and eggs lunch. Back to the office to finish the day and then home. Home and grabbed something to eat. G's basketball practice was cancelled as we getting ready to head out the door so LG&I tried out a new game he got for Christmas, it was a hoot. J was in the basement and D&DGF7 swung by before getting dinner at Chipotle and then back to eat. Everything settled down and I talked to GmaW for a bit before getting lilly in and settling in to get caught up on the blog.

20180110 - No Chips

20170110 - UP in the am and in to work and straight to the conference room to get started on another day of meetings. The meetings went well and we wrapped things up from the previous day. We had some time to get some things done in the afternoon before Justin, Sherry and I headed to Scioto Downs for a nice dinner at Brew Brothers. It was good to decompress and just hang out after the couple days of meeting. After dinner we walked around the casinos and checked out all the loud flashing games. Headed home and D picked up J from ski club and G was already in bed. To bed early from a couple of long days.

20180109 - Meeting

20180109 - Up in the am and swung through Dunkin Doughnuts to get stuff for the big meeting today. We spent the entire day in the conference room reviewing items and planning for future business. After the meetings we headed home where I got a quick bite and then played some Othello with G while watching Family Feud. J came up from the basement and joined us to watch Ellen's new game show, it is a riot. Not up late, tired from a long day.

20180108 + No School

20180108 + Up in the am to a quiet house as school was cancelled in the middle of the night. I headed in to work and made a trip to the Casino to pick up Sherry and bring her to the office as being from Texas she is not use to the snowy roads that were pretty bad. Had an extremely busy and productive day. Left work late and headed home. L was home but left shortly after I arrived to pick G up from basketball practice. D had baseball tonight and J was hanging out getting the Scout newsletter together. Scouts was cancelled due to the weather so we all just hung out and tried to keep warm.

20180107 - 96 Years!

20180107 - Up in the am and L headed to Delaware to meet Gma&paB to have a visit with GGmaK. for her 96th bday! L reported it was a good visit and GGmaK was doing well but was having a hard time hearing. G&I headed out to his baseball practice at D-Bats and I got caught up on some team admin stuff while he practiced. After baseball we headed all the way across town to Upper Arlington to his basketball game. It was a close game at the beginning and not some much. G played hard and had a good time. I got to watch the game as another dad did the scoring for the day. After the game we headed home swinging through McD's to get some food. Home and D was somewhere, J was skating with Conor and L got home and told us about her visit. We stayed in and watched a movie to finish off the freezing cold night and get ready for next week.

20170106 -

20170106 - Went out to eat with LJ&G at Nazareth Swung through Kroger on the way home to get cold medicine and snacks

20170105 +

20170105 +

20180104 -

20180104 - Up in the am and not feeling great, but in through the cold to work and on the phone for most of the day...
Home felt like I was hit by a bus. G was at basketball and we forgot about him, the coach had to call us and it was an interesting conversation with all the cold medication...


20180103 - Up in the am and in to work. It was another cold day with a ton of things to do. Very busy today and got a ton of data crunching done. Home and had dinner with L&G while D waas at baseball conditioning and J was at Ski Club. We hung out and watched a couple of movies and I ran to pick up J with a quick stop to buy lottery tickets on the way. Got J, headed home, D home and we all caught up on the day. All to bed and I was up until 2:30 trying to fix J's phone he decided to try and crack. Had to reset it 3 times and gave up and went to bed, we'll see how it looks tomorrow.


20180102 - Up in the am and working from home this morning waiting for a colleague to arrive at the airport that I will transport to work. I got a lot done in the am and then ran to get DeVonn and we met Justin for lunch. In to the office for a busy day and a late call. Home and had some leftovers and watched the new Ellen game show, it was a riot. Everyone to bed and I was up late trying to get technology to work...

20180101 -

20180101 - Up in the am and G&I headed to Meijer to return a toy and get some steaks and chocolate sauce for lunch. It is FREEZING cold outside! We got our stuff and headed home. L&G prepared the side dishes and I cooked the steaks outside on the grill. Had an issue with the propane being low and had to swap out tanks so the meat would cook. Everything cooked and in for a fantastic New Years steak dinner that everyone enjoyed. We hung out watching football most of the afternoon. I ran J over to Skate Naked, an indoor skate park where he met up with a couple of friends. home and Bill & Brady stopped over to watch some football and play Recoil, the new laser tag kind of game we got. It was a great game and towards the end I took G and Brady with me to pick up J. We went in and the boys thought it was super cool. Home and Brady is spending the night. We all hung out in watching football, L working on a puzzle, D playing with his new GoPro, J looking things up on the PC and G and Brady playing on the Xbox. After football we all headed to bed.