20200630 - Baseball Brothers

20200630 - Up in the am and started itching from the mystery spots. Hanging out on calls in the office until time to head to the Dr. L up early and took walk with Lilly, D home from friends. Had calls right up to the time I left for the Dr. Dr. said the bumps looked like folliculitis and it should go away, but come back if it gets worse... That was helpful... Home and L reported that J face-timed her and was having a great time in Myrtle Beach. Roger Wright stopped by the house on his daily walk. Back to the desk to finish the day. D&G headed to the ball field and L&I shortly after. I showed my spots to Terrill the team Dr. and he said that's no folliculitis, looks like bug bite, but not sure... G went 1 for 2 on the night getting a nice single to center and then stole the other 3 bases to score, hit by pitch and a ground out. We were playing a team from Plain City and both Landon and Colton hit huge home runs. The game was over in 5 innings and we headed home. The McClains and Tom & Landon stopped by for some pizza and beers. Hung out and chatted a bit. Everyone left in good time and off to bed.