20200617 - Small White Dog

20200617 - Up in the am, L took Lilly for a walk and then headed down to Sue's, D at work, J running and G sleeping. I had an unexpected escalation today that chewed up 2/3 of my day. J home from running and then to Wendy's to work, G had Brady come over and they went bike riding, L headed out to meet Nicole at Jo-Ann Fabric, D home from work. I got the escalation handled and then hit the back porch to finish out the day. I cooked some steaks out on the grill. G and Brady home, we all ate and then LDG Brady & I headed to the McClain's to help them move furniture back after their hardwood floor refinishing. We hung out and chatted a bit and then headed home. I got the speaker out and played it a bit while D&G played some whiffle ball. In and watched some TV before heading to bed.