20200701 - HOME RUN!!!

20200701 - Up in the am and got on calls and had a busy day in the office. D took G back to the school and pitched to him for about an hour. Boys back home for a minute and then headed up to Westerville for G's baseball game. We played the Cobras and somehow by the grace of God the last time we played them they won. Well our boys weren't having any more of that. The boys played very well and G went 2 for 3, 1 nice deep shot to center that was caught, another for a single and a bomb for a home run! his second ever. G's home run put the game out of touch for the Cobras and we run ruled them after 5. After the game we headed to Coach's to eat and celebrate Bi'll bday. It was a good time. D brought G and the other players from the team back to our house to play wiffle ball and called shortly after to let me know his recently repaired phone screen got smashed... L&I chatted with Tom Sr. and his wife and heard some amazing stories of his life. The best being 'convinced' to drive to Wytheville VA and get married at 18. Guy has had an amazing life. Home and got another old phone out of the safe for D and he took off with his friends. The other parents stopped and got their kids and we headed to bed.