20200621 + Skimming Along

20200621 + Up in the am and D&J off to work. G and Trent in for bfast and then L ran Trent home. G got ready and LG&I headed up to the Farm. We had a nice lunch with Gma&paW and then we headed to Mifflin Lake. G&I got in kayaks and headed out. We paddled way out to the middle of the lake, it was fun and we think we should get some kayaks. We headed back to the Farm where we cooled down and helped get the TV set up so they could watch Amazon Prime stuff. GmaW & G took Trixy for a walk and then we headed home. It was a nice visit and good to see them and be up at the Farm. Home and J home from work, L prepared some dinner and we all ate outside. D home from work and ate in the basement as we all watched Artimus Fowl together. D&J got me Father's Day cards on their own this year and they were really funny. J headed over to Larson's to spend the night and then run in the morning. D&G headed up to there electronics and L&I exhausted crashed.