20200620 + 1 Good Game

20200620 + Up in the am and D didn't have to work but was going to DGF10's, J had to work so we made sure he was up and LG&I headed back to Dayton for a game. It was a long drive and it was blazing hot when we got there. We hung around chatted with some parents we knew and then got down to playing baseball. The boys played great and hit the ball today. We run ruled a team that later in the week would find out won the Championship, we could have won the whole thing... After the game we headed home, swung through Wendy's on the way, J took our order and he was BUSY as we pulled up to get our food. Home and D was just getting up... We ate and cooled down a bit. D headed to DGF10's, G headed out on his bike to meet up with Owen and Trent and L&I headed to Flanagan's for a beer with Tom and the McClain's. We headed home where we found G on the roof of the back porch making some video... Owen had to go home to eat so G and Trent made big plans to spend the night int he shed. L&I headed over to the Mallon's to check out the pergola project Penn will need some help with. We sat and chatted a bit and then headed home to relax a bit before heading to bed.