20200604 - Forgetful

20200604 - Up in the am and L over to Newcomerstown with Nicole to visit GmaB, D's work was cancelled due to the rain, J home and we talked about Scouts a bit, D ran out and picked G up from the McClain's. I was on the PC all morning and D&G did some work on the shed before the rain hit and J got called in to work. D headed to DGF10's, G fell asleep and Lilly was by my side in the office through the thunder storms while I tried to get caught up on things. Fished my day a bit early as I had to go out to the kitchen to assist G making spaghetti and meatballs...  G&I sat down and ate his dinner together, it was pretty good! After dinner G took a shower, I cleaned up the kitchen and we started watching a movie. I then got a text asking if G was coming to practice... So I ran G out to baseball practice. Home and talked to Bob & Tina at the corner for a bit and then home to get 2 things done and run back out and get G. Home and J home and GJ&I watched Spider-man Homecoming, it was really good. L home and D home late.