20200611 - Lonie Bday

20200611 - Up in the am and at the desk. Had a busy day and 1 really fun meeting. Today was Lonie's bday and last year I paid anyone that got a selfie taken with Lonie $1. But because of all the social distancing we weren't together so I arranged a zoom meeting, got everyone on the call and then pinged Lonie asking for his help. Lonie joined, everyone yelled HAPPY BIRTHDAY!, sang to him and then hung out and chatted for about 30 min. it was a great surprise for Lonie and we all enjoyed it. Finished up the day after the meeting and headed to a baseball tournament for G. It was a good game but the umpire called the game early, I got in an argument with them and then the other team had the score wrong!  what a shit show! We won and headed home. I hung out on the back porch and Tom stopped over for a beer.