20200613 ‡ Elusive Bat

20200613 ‡ Up in the am and did a couple things around the house. D&J to work and G&I headed to DBat looking for a drop 8 bat, nothing there. So we headed to Dick’s at Easton, no drop 8s... to Reynoldsburg Play it Again Sports, no drop 8s. We swung through Wendy’s for a snack and picked up an auction win while we were there. We then checked out the Play it Again in Westerville, no drop 8s. Dick’s Polaris, no drop 8s...  they had a nice wood bat, but Tom & Bill said NO! So we headed him and G is ok with using Brady’s bat for the short season. Home and just hung out the rest of the day watching movies with L. Oh and I ordered G the mother all bats, DeMarini CF Zen 30/22 -8, direct from the manufacturer, it will be here Thursday :-)