20200623 - Punched Out

20200623 - Up in the am and on my PC. L&J to the dentist for J to get his teeth cleaned and later took G back to get a took sealed. L&DGF10 up and out on the town for a lot of the day and then they worked on D's desk. I had an unexpectedly busy day and wrapped things up just as we walked out the door for G's baseball game. We played a team from Shelby and those boys were big. We had some trouble finding the second base peg so we just jammed it in the ground... D and a friend of his umped the game. It was a pretty good game and G made some outstanding defensive plays but his bat was completely dead. Didn't help that D struck him out looking (it was a strike), so it made for an interesting evening... The boys won and after the game we packed up and headed home. Had some discussions with a frustrated G about his batting.