20200607 - Lettered

20200607 - Up and had some bfast with LD&DGF10. L ran J to work and D & DGF10 got ready and headed up to the Farm to deliver D’s old car to GpaW. L worked on a couple little projects, G headed to the shed and I replaced the lamppost bulb and helped L get her bike running and then we took a short bike ride around the block. Back home and G was heading out with his friends on his bike. L&I headed to an auction in Carroll OH but it was slim-pickins by the time we got there so we headed to a different auction. We got there and there was plenty of stuff left and we loaded up the car with treasures. I LOVE going to auctions! Home and G had his friends here, he had made food for all of them on the back porch. They helped unload the car and then I got busy listing the things we had purchased. D&DGF10 home eventually and they hung our with L&I on the back porch and told us about the trip, they had fun, watched TV and then played some of the frisbee game. L ran and got J from work and then took him out to a friends house for a bit. Penn stopped over for a beer and a chat and then he ran and brought J home. We headed in and finished the night.