20200612 - 3 RBI Double!

20200612 - Up early and we headed South of Columbus for a tournament game. G asked L&I on the way down, "Who got MY cleats'. Well they are your cleats, didn't you get them??? So we turned around and went home to get his cleats... We got the the game late and started. It was a good game back and forth and then G up to bat with bases loaded 2 outs hits the leather off the ball crushing a 3 RBI double! Where did this come from? I forced him to use Brady's bat and maybe that was the secret sauce?  Those 3 runs sealed the deal on the game and we won. Home and jumped on the PC and spent the rest of the day working until 6pm. In the evening Tom, Landon, ad the McClains came over for a cookout. DGF10 showed up too. D got beat at whiffle ball and was being a butt, but we had a blast hanging out and chatting on the porch like old times. Folks didn't stay too late and we got things cleaned up and headed to bed in good time, not sure if we play ball tomorrow or not.