20200606 - Daddy-Ball

20200606 - Up in the am and spread big stuff around the house and trimmed the pricked bush while L pulled poison ivy. Ran to the grocery to get a gift card for the family of the Scout who’s father passed away last week, so incredibly sad. Stopped at the auto store and got some power steering fluid for D’s old car and the cashier was a lady that had rented from me and completely DESTROYED the house before I was able to get her evicted.  The same house D had the ladder slide out from under him. I said hi, how you doing, nice to see you... home and hung out on the back porch doing a bit of work and catching up on all my community service (Booster & Scouts) e-mail. 4:30 rolled around and G&I headed to his baseball game. G did ok and they won. Pretty frustrating to see the ‘daddy-ball’ happening and affecting G (repeat of D’s baseball experience...) We chatted about it on the way home and I’m not sure how to navigate this...  Home and G headed to the shed. Tom called and I told him how G&I were feeling about the game. Hung out on the back porch chatting with LD&DGF10. In and G&I watched ‘Memento’, great movie! Headed to bed and split D and DGF10 up for the night.