20200628 - Four Amigos

20200628 + Up in the am and D at work, L watering plants. I got in a text string about my disappointment in the short notice game... helped G set up the pitching machine and he hit those then wanted to go to Dbat so we went there, got him some batting gloves and he hit a bit. Home and G changed and LG&I headed to the baseball field. The boys played the Columbus Cobras, a team we should never lose to, and the boys played well, but every hit they got was right to someone or was fielded well and we got beat. Home and the McClains, Tom and Landon and Terrill and Andrew came over for a bit to have some pizza and beers on the back porch. D and DGF10 were here. We played some cornhole and just relaxed. Everyone left and we cleaned up and watched soem TV with D and DGF10. J swung by the house with his friends and we got him some cash, told him to be careful and hugged him goodbye as he heads out to Myrtle Beach with his friends. To bed in good time. J called he dropped his phone... So J back home, I got an old phone out and charged up and switched the SIM card and got service set up. Back to bed.