20190930 + Sapling

20190930 + Up in the am and headed in to the office. Stopped at Oakland Nursery to find a Buckeye tree, that didn't go well so headed to a 3rd Oakland Nursery, the selection was horrible so headed to a third and finally found a suitable tree for L and anniversary. Got to work eventually and asked for some help on ideas, planning on getting L 25 things for our 25th anniversary tomorrow, this may kill me... Got through a lot of mails today and Lonie walked around Worthington with me to look for gifts. We found a few... Home and Eventually J showed up. He decided to skip XC today without letting anyone know, so he is now suspended from his final xc meet this weekend... Took J to Scouts as he now has no phone or car... We shopping for more of the 25 things while he was at Scouts. Picked J up and we finished off the 25 item list and headed home. Up late watching a movie and going through work email.