20190929 - Day with D

20190929 - Up in the am and LG&I went to church. Home and J home shortly after. L headed to G's double header, J hung out at home and I headed down to Wilmington to watch D play baseball. D had a great game and got a hit just as I walked up. He went 3-4 today and had a couple really good plays at second. After the game and coach meeting he helped clean up the field and then we ran to Friche's for a mid-afternoon meal. If was a nice meal and he chatted away about school and baseball. Nice to spend some time with him. I headed hom listening to G's baseball games and arrived home just as he was finishing his second game. J&JGF3 were here and L&G showed up shortly after. J&JGF3 went shopping while I dug into the PC and L&G had dinner.