201900922 + 2nd Place and Picnic

201900922 + Up in the am and gave J instructions on what he had to get done today. LG&I headed to the baseball fields for G's game. We played a really good team and won the semi final that put us in the championship game. We had a short break and then we played int he championship. Our boys came out strong, but  errors in the 1st inning on defense puts us down 8-2. The boys fought back, G got his only hit of the weekend, but it wasn't enough and the boys got 2nd place in the tournament. I think I am done with baseball for a while... We headed home and got a hold of D letting him know we weren't going to make it to his scrimmage, all too tired from being out in the heat all day with G. Home and J&JGF3 were at the house and J's list of things to do was nowhere near done... I went out to the garage and scraped some paint off the walls and then headed to my company's 'Family Picnic' alone... Got to the picnic, ate, chatted with everyone and then headed home. Home and taped off the floor in the garage and then L&I put a coat of KILZ on the walls, IT LOOKS GREAT! Cleaned up, G at basketball. All home and JGF3 left. We chatted about expectations when we ask for something to be done... All to bed, J moving around until midnight, I watched the Browns lose.