20190915 - Scrub & Grub

20190915 - Up in the am and L ran to pick G up from his overnight bday party, he didn't want to go to the paintball event. J&I up and around and washed the floor and then acid washed it and rinsed it a couple of times. L was out running errands all day and J took off with JGF3 with G still sleeping in his bed. I mopped the garage one more time and sat down at the PC to figure up insurance for next year and then enter money for the next 2 weeks.

Gma&paW over for a cook out. L ran G to basketball. J&JGF3 up in his room painting something. I finished signing up for our 2020 health insurance and then ran to get G. Home and L&I on our PCs in the living room getting things done. We checked in with D, he seems to be doing good. Got everyone to bed.