20190923 + Surprise Paint Job

20190923 + up in the am and J very late coming down. I got him dropped off at school and then headed in to work. Quiet rainy morning getting things lined up for the week. Spent the day at the desk getting caught up on multiple fronts. Headed home and walked in the garage to prepare for painting and ll my drop clothes were up and things looked out of order. After further inspection a second coat was put on the stuff we did last night and nearly every other white surface in the garage had a fresh coat of paint on it! L got home from picking up G from XC and announced that after she came home from school today she finished painting the garage! AMEN! I ran to pick J up from XC and we headed to the back of his driving school where he practiced going through the cones 20-30 times. He did great on most of his attempts... Home and we ate and then I ran J&G to Scouts. I swung by UDF to get L some mint chocolate ship ice cream for a small reward. Home and relaxed for a bit before heading back to pick up the boys. Home and had some trouble getting J to put his electronics up... Up late on the PC.