20190908 - Rusher

20190908 - Up in the am J home from friends and doing chores around the house with me. L went Homecoming dress shopping with JGF3 and she had a BLAST!. D came home to make a bat. I made water transfer decals while he worked on the bat. D was in a hurry to get back to school and the lathe is NOT a forgiving tool. In his haste he made the handle of the bat too thin so I gained another $25 piece of firewood... We used it to test out the water transfers and it is not a great fit for a bat, but was cool learning how to do it. D ran to pick G up from his campout and talked to some of the Scouts for a bit. G home and unpacked and told us of all the fun he had, except for the eating too much candy part and not having enough money left over for lunch on the way home from buying too much candy (learned this the next night at Scout meeting from the adults...) We slowed down for the week ahead and D headed back to school. I headed out to the garage to start prep work for putting on an epoxy cover and quickly ran out of cement