200190920 - Football and Full House

200190920 - Up in the am and had to help J tie his tie, he is dressing up for XC today. Dropped him off at school and headed in to the office. Light staff today so turned some tunes on and started checking things off. Had a productive day, was disappointed by a deal that fell through with a printer that was to make shirts for me. Home and LG&I headed to the GLHS football game early to help set up the Booster table and I hung out and helped sell things until the game started and I joined L. The game just started and lighting struck. We tried to wait it out and then the rain came. We waited a bit but it was NOT letting up. We walked to the car and I don't remember the last time I was that wet... Home and changed into dry clothes. J and his friends were there seeking shelter from the rain too. G&I ran out and picked up some pizzas and the kids hing out at our hose the rest of the night.