20190221 - 2 Runs and 2 Games

20190221 - Up way too early for a Saturday... L had already delivered J&G to their schools so they could ride the bus to their xc meets. L&I took separate cars to Pickerington to watch the boys run, Gma&paW met us there. G went first and his race finished as the rain started coming down. G did good despite the rain. G&I took off and headed home to dry off and get something to eat. We then headed to his baseball game and swung by the McClains to let their dog out on the way. We arrived at the field and the boys played a great game winning their 2nd pool play game, we missed the first one while G was running that they lost. L stayed back in Pickerington to watch J run in the downpour. L eventually showed up at G's games and we had to play one more. Game 3 was a good one and the boys won it and it put them in the semi-final game Sunday. We headed home, got cleaned up a bit and then headed over to the McClains. I was exhausted but chatted for a bit before nodding off on their couch. We headed home and I watched the OSU game in bed.