20190917 - Damn Cone & Garage Floor

20190917 - up in the am and a bit different today, I dropped G off at school early so he could go to Bible Study. That got me in to the office early and on the run getting things done. Slammed through a bunch of things fast and got on the road. Stopped by the house to get J's car and then to the school to pick him up. J drove us down to Wilmington so he could take his driving test. J and the officer took of and before I knew it were back. They went through the maneuverability course and DING! J knocked over a cone... They came back in to the office and J passed the driving part with only 1 deduction, almost a perfect score and then we rescheduled to come back next week and try again... We swung over to the college to see D for a bit, J got to see his room and we visited for only a couple min before heading out. We went to Lowe's and picked up some painting supplies and then J drove me home. Home and I ate quick and then started preparing the garage. bill and Tom came over and we spent the evening epoxying the garage floor. It looks great! Exhausted, I woke up in the living room chair at 1am and crawled into bed.