20190526 - Party and Up Late

20190526 - Up late and L got us all ready to go to anther graduation party. We all headed to Blendon Woods for Cameron Varney's party. We checked in with the Varney fam, congratulated Cameron, and hung out and chatted for a while. Home and D helped me get the mower running and he mowed. J had some friends over and they headed out to some grad parties and to the pool for the rest of the day. G waited around all afternoon on his friend to come over and at the last minute he cancelled on G, not the first time this has happened with this particular kid... won't make that mistake again... L working in the yard and I finished restoring the gate. G found another friend, Maden, that could come over and hang out and this kid was a hoot. They jumped on the trampoline, rode to DQ when Maden dropped his ice cream on the way home, L sent D out to get gas and more ice cream. They beat the daylights out of me in Trouble and were up until 3am.