20190508 - ColumbusBraves.com

20190508 - Up in the am, not feeling 100% today. Got J to school and in to the new office for the morning working on #s. Waited and waited on others to the point we couldn't do anything so headed home early frustrated. Home and crashed in a chair in the living room. Somehow I woke up in bed about 7:30pm and thought it was then next morning and I had to get J to school... Woke up and had dinner, D&G had gone to G's batting practice and D landed a job while there. L&I on the back porch, folding laundry and working on D's summer baseball team's site (ColumbusBraves.com) while DJ&G played wiffle ball in the backyard. In when it got dark, all boys to bed and I stayed up adding games to the new site.